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Lockheed Martin hacked using RSA keys

"They breached security systems designed to keep out intruders by creating duplicates to "SecurID" electronic keys from EMC's RSA security division" - ITNews May 30th 2011

SecurAccess can help you out - no seed records.

Are you concerned about the RSA Breach? SecurAccess can help. SecurAccess does not store seed records or encryption keys centrally; this information is only known to your server. We can replace 18,000 tokens per hour. SecurAccess can be installed and configured to replace any existing RSA SecurID environment within a day. Or you can run SecurAccess with SecurID and migrate your token users.


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Our Solutions cover the following areas;

SMS Authentication

Secure email

Tokenless Authentication

Application Security Training
Creating Secure Code
ASP.NET, C#, C++ and Java

PCI Best Practices for Developers

.NET Secure Programming
 PCI DSS, Software & Web Application Security

Latest News

SecurAccess is now here.

Tokenless 2 Factor - Preferred by Users and IT Best Practice

The world's Easiest strong authentication. Installed and configured in a day, and deploying to 20,000 users in an hour. Re-Use existing AD Passwords as the PIN.

Ease of Use + Security + Lowest Cost = The ultimate Strong Authentication solution.

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Client Case Studies

The John Lewis Partnership is currently in the process of rolling out SecurAccess to 15,000 employees: “SecurAccess has been really well received within the organisation, it has been working effectively and we have had no problems with the roll out. ”

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